TV PILOT Pitch: BREAK POINT, by Ovidiu Chiorean

WILDsound Festival



Written by: Ovidiu Chiorean


Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure

Logline: As a secret organization has mastered the ability to change the way events unfold, a clairsentient teams up with an extreme martial artist to keep history on its natural course.

Synopsis: Impersonating a federal agent, Serena Kavano rescues Jin Kwon from police as he has been arrested for beating up six police officers during a protest while trying to protect his unrequited love.

After revealing her identity to him, Serena makes Jin an offer to come work for her as an enforcer. Skeptic about her clairsentient abilities and her mission to correct the course of events at their break point, Jin accepts the job as he engages Dean, a marine, who has been set up by Lord Darkin, the head of a secret organization that changes the unfolding of events, to marry his…

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