Feature Film Pitch: A SEASON OF STRAWBERRIES, by Judy Bednarek

WILDsound Festival



Written by: Judy Bednarek

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

Logline: A rebellious Angel tempted by mortal flesh comes for the child he once saved but when a Mexican migrant worker opposes his dark agenda, a rebellion against mankind begins.

Synopsis: Mexican migrant workers discover an unconscious man in a strawberry field. EZRA BRIGGS, a berry farmer, is vigilant of the stranger but offers SIMON, a job picking strawberries for the season.

Ezra’s only daughter, MARTA, wants to break free from her overbearing father and the constraints of her family’s farm.

When Simon is treated better than the other workers, he becomes the enemy of Marta’s childhood friend, ARMANDO and a rival for her affections. Armando breaks Simon’s nose in a fight but when it heals wondrously, Ezra’s wife, ROSA, is convinced that she has witnessed a miracle from God.

Days of…

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