VIDEO PITCH for A Long Way Home by Marian Richardson Whetsell

WILDsound Festival

A Long Way Home by Marian Richardson Whetsell

Performed by Becky Shrimpton

A Long Way Home
Screenplay by
@Marian Richardson Whetsell
Genre: Period Piece Drama
Logline: A young African-American girl in post-slavery era endures struggles & hardships to fulfill her dream to become a teacher.
Anna Maria is a typical mixed heritage child of the south who developed into a beautiful woman, from East Texas. She was from a poor but proud family who believed in hard work and deep Christian values. The civil war had recently ended & the thick smell of freedom electrified the air. Anna’s dream—to become a teacher! In the 1860’s change and reformation was the order of the day. The Indians and Black folks often co-habited together to survive. There was one particular family that aroused Anna’s interest. Why? Because, of a young brave by the name of Lonewolf. He was…

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