VIDEO PITCH for ASSASSINS CODE 1 (feature script), by Christopher Chance

Watch the Video Pitch: ASSASSINS CODE 1

Get to know writer Christopher Chance:

1. What is your story about?

ASSASSINS CODE 1 is about a flint-hearted military agent recruited from the ranks to become a Knight Assassin in the ‘VRK’ (Very Restricted Knowledge) section of the British Secret Service.

Through the network of terrorists, arms dealers and drug barons; a plot is hatched so the groups involved will get their arms, drugs and money to support their causes.

 The plot involves ETA; Black September, Mafia, Mujahidin, IRA and Mu’ammar al-Gadhafi… Arrow becomes everything he hates; but he is the key to saving many lives as a spy at the heart of international terrorism.

The story is woven about actual events and the obscure terrorist activity following the Munich Olympics massacre.

His mission is to infiltrate the High Command of the IRA; a most perilous objective, which he succeeds…

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