Short Film: THE LAST POST. Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video

Great work comes from passion. There are no small decisions in movie making. A technical job is creative if undertaken by a creative person. I want to work with the best possible professionals who believe in the project, who agree with my fundamental vision and want to bring the themes of the film to life creatively. As long as we are working ‘on the same movie’ I am happy to give lots of creative freedom to my collaborators. I believe a film should be made with a certain attitude that infuses everything – in this case a cheerful good-humoured, but at the same time dark, cynicism. This film, above all, should be funny, but there is substance to the humour and it should leave you thinking.

Short Film: SHOOT GRANNY. Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video

Director’s Statement

As I was working as Doctor at hospital I often took care of seniors. While those were facing frightening metaphysical questions about death and life, we (doctors) prescribed them drugs to relax them during the night time, which takes less time than a real psychological support. As a matter of fact we got them addicted to those chemical substances. I saw myself as a drug dealer surrounded with (old) junkies. Once I wondered what happens when they are at home with friends. SHOOT GRANNY was born.