Director BIO: Terez Koncz (THE LETTERS)

Director Biography – Terez Koncz Teréz Koncz is a London based Hungarian film director. She graduated from the Film and Television Director faculty (Ildiko Enyedi’s class) with a Diploma with Master Degree from the University of Theatre and Film, Arts Hungary, in 2011. From 2012 she worked as a VFX Production asset in Hollywood blockbusters such… Continue reading Director BIO: Terez Koncz (THE LETTERS)

Short Film: THE LETTERS, 18min., UK, Thriller/Drama

Impatient adoptive parents send secret letters to the teenage orphan Zolika, before meeting him in person. His emerging courage and hope helps him stand up for himself against his bully Feri, and dream of a better future for him and his beloved Dori. While the parents prepare for his arrival outside, Zolika has to find… Continue reading Short Film: THE LETTERS, 18min., UK, Thriller/Drama