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AMERICAN DREAM, 19min., France, Drama

Directed by Nicolas Polixene, Sylvain Loubet dit Gajol

Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for black people he had in France, Mickael has been living in the United States for the past 5 years. Proud of his success, he invited his little brother (Matthieu) to Chicago to convince him to try his luck here. Unfortunately, everything turns into a nightmare when they accidentally smash a white cop on the side of the road.

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Directed by Max Westerman

Among the first to be hit by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s, Sean Strub’s political ambitions took a backseat as he struggled to survive. Now 60, he is running for mayor of a conservative town in Pennsylvania. How will this liberal, openly gay ex-New Yorker and founder of POZ, a magazine for people with HIV, fare in a rural community that voted for Donald Trump? My Friend, The Mayor follows his two-month campaign through to its nail-biting finish. The documentary, filmed by Sean’s friend and former Dutch TV-correspondent Max Westerman, is an inspiring and hopeful portrayal of small-town democracy in the age of Trump. The election of a controversial president has energized voters at the local level, with many getting involved in surprisingly bipartisan ways.

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HONG KONG DIALOGUES, 40min., Hong Kong, Period Piece Family Drama

Directed by HK Alleys

The experimental documentary shot on the ground by citizen-journalists during the Hong Kong protests of August 2019 to January 2020, it captured the conversations and words appeared during the Hong Kong Movement in 2019, from slogans chanted by the protestors to, speech by advocate, argument between local residents, to graffties on the wall. It tends to preserve an essence from the movement.

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