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Water We Doing! The Global Mission to Clean Water, 66min,, USA, Documentary
Directed by Daniel Gartzke
If there is water, there is life.

What are we doing to create a more sustainable future for our water? What are we doing to innovate solutions to the world’ s water problems? The answer lies in technology, people, and education. Water We Doing? address exactly how we can use science, engineering and innovation to tackle a global water crisis.If we are going to find away to help prevent that fact that every twenty seconds a child dies from lack of access to fresh drinking water, if we want to preserve this paramount resource, then we must act. Together we can not only create a new wave of stunning, innovative technologies – but we can inspire an entire new generation of scientists and engineers to champion this cause.

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Director Statement

With the planet getting warmer, water issues across the globe are on the rise. Water shortages, floods, and contamination, all threaten the water security of millions in America, and abroad. The only way to address these issues is with scientific innovation.

With this film, we hope to educate and inspire. We had a number of goals in mind. The first was to give people a sense of the water issues our planet faces as a whole. Next, we wanted to give people a taste of just a few of the newest water technology startups that have emerged, and highlight some aspects of their journey, as well as some of the challenges they face. The startup world is not an easy one, but these amazing new technologies are inspiration to others who might follow in their footsteps.

We also hope to present a conversation about the water industry itself, which tends to be slow to innovate. However, an ecosystem of water tech companies is also springing up, and innovation is becoming possible in ways that it wasn’t before. We hope that by sparking a conversation about both the past failings of the industry, and the possibilities ahead, we can create positive change in the water sector, and in the world.

This film is in an appeal to current and aspiring entrepreneurs to take risks, follow their passions, and pursue their dream of innovation.  New ideas, inventions, and discoveries, really can change the world.

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